We are a small organisation and do not receive university or public funding and we rely heavily on income from ticket sales. And we have been hit hard by the cancellation of our Spring Festival.


A small ask.  If you have enjoyed watching and listening to some of the virtual events that we have put together for you here, please consider donating to our Go Fund Me appeal. 

Whatever you can spare will make a big difference. We understand that not everyone can afford to make a donation, if you are unable to donate then please share this plea with your friends, it would be hugely appreciated. 


Thank you 

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Thank you to everyone who has donated their time and expertise at no cost to make The Listening Festival happen.  Without them we simply couldn’t have done it.  



Our Authors & Chairs

 for Zooming and talking freely 

Alex Clark

Journalist, Broadcaster, Festival Honorary Patron – for being our podcast host 

Catherine Carr & Charlotte Griffiths

Pocket Productions for our podcast production

Clare Munday

Digital design and build for the Listening Festival